You asked, we listened!
​CARE Travel designers listened when you requested a format to book your own travel and be in control of your own booking, but yet still support local business and the CARE Travel mission. We listened to you and have created The DIY Traveler to provide a travel booking platform perfect for you.

CARE Travel understand the value and convenience of doing things for yourself sometimes and are committed to making travel booking as easy for you as possible. This site was created so you have a safe site, composed of our recommended suppliers at the tip of your fingers; so go ahead and spend as much time as you want price-checking, searching through all your options, and researching each individual travel component that you choose. Hopefully this site will allow you to have fun while being in control of your own travel research and reservations.

Continuing to support the community

By booking through this site, you support CARE Travel, who supports their community. Similar to if you book directly with a CARE Travel Designer, and a portion of your investment will go towards a local charity. Part of CARE Travel’s mission is to evolve our outreach capabilities by showing how to help the world you travel. In the process we have met some really fantastic suppliers and people, discovered some amazing charities, and opened our eyes wider to the world around us. By noting that you were referred by CARE Travel (by booking with these affiliate links provided) we will donate to a local charity. To see the list of charities we support, please click here.

What is an Affiliate Link?
When you book through this DIY Traveler website, you are choosing to book through affiliate links. This means that CARE Travel will still receive recognition for referring your booking to their company, but you’ll have full control over your itinerary. This DIY Traveler website is provided solely to assist our valued customers in gathering the best travel information, determining the availability of travel/related services, making legitimate reservations or connections with travel suppliers. By choosing to book through the DIY Traveler, CARE Travel will not be held liable for any loss, damage, or negative experience which arises out of or in any way connected with any of the bookings through the DIY Traveler site. While using the DIY Traveler site, you are not actually booking with the CARE Travel professionals, you are booking with outside suppliers direct and subject to their unique policies and procedures.

If you are booking international travel you, the traveler, are responsible for ensuring that you meet all entry requirements and that your travel documents are valid (passports, visas, etc.). CARE Travel urges customers to review travel warnings, prohibitions, and announcements issued by the relevant governments prior to booking traveling to any destinations.

Travel planning harder than you thought?!
When using these affiliate links, you can still choose to receive personal attention from a CARE Travel designer should you wish.

  • The whole shebang. If you would like assistance creating your full travel experience, please do not hesitate to reach out to the experienced, certified agents at CARE Travel. Working with you pre, during, and post travel to ensure your experience is customized to your personal travel desires and needs. The team of highly skilled and organized professionals will overlook your thoughtfully created travel itinerary each step of the way, while creating trusting relationships.
  • Double check my work. Did you book your reservation through one of these affiliate sites, now you would like an agent to review your travel itinerary to ensure all the components line up, and prepare you for travel? No problem! Please contact CARE Travel a minimum of 30 days prior to departure with your travel itinerary, and we’ll be happy to sit down with you go over your travel process, for a small fee.
  • Never mind, can you do this for me? You booked a vacation using an affiliate link and now you are feeling overwhelmed… hey it happens! By connecting with the Travel Designers at CARE Travel, we’d be happy to transfer your booking(s) to our agency and take the reins from here, for a small fee. We’ll even arrange the components of travel that you haven’t booked yet, to make the process stress-free and very easy! In order to request a transfer, this must be done within 7 days of bookings (some restrictions may apply).

For more in depth assistance or information please contact CARE Travel ( or 785-537-8444). Please be aware only a certain number of bookings are excepted per travel period, and restrictions may apply.