Are you adventurous, willing to turn over control, and leave the planning to our certified travel designers? If you are, mystery travel is for you!

From all-inclusive resorts to destinations in the U.S., there is a fit for you with our mystery travel. Fill out our vacation assessment and we will pick the best destination for you. Let us give you a great deal and a memorable vacation you will be telling all of your friends about!

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Adult centered romantic getaways. Typically 4 nights anywhere around the world.

Per couple from:


US Weekend

3 or 4 night weekend getaway within the US (drive or fly options)

Per couple from:

Swim kayaking. Swimming competition kayak.


Looking for something thrilling? From panoramic hikes to glass bottom boat kayaking, you’ll create memories around the world! This is great for solo travelers and couples alike.

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Family Getaway

Family Vacation – Typically 3-4 night all inclusive resort getaways. Family of 4 (2 adults, 2 kids under 12).

Per family from:

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Foodie Escape

Craving your travels to revolve around culinary inspirations and a cultural food experience?

Per person from:

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Looking for something more personal, more specific… lets chat about all the options.

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