Looking to create a full experience package? Bundle air, transfers, resort stays, tours, and even insurance to get the best deals! Below you will find a selection of suppliers we recommend.

Why The DIY Traveler?

With this site you have complete control of your booking, exactly as if you booked through the supplier direct. The difference is these are referral links provided by CARE Travel, called an affiliate link. Meaning our agency will still receive the credit from your bookings. By supporting CARE Travel a portion of your investment will go towards a local charity. To see the list of charities we support please check out our website here – CARE Travel Charities.

CARE Travel is not liable for any of the affiliate supplier or booking needs or issues, the booking belongs to you and the travel supplier which booked. You are not actually booking with the CARE Travel professionals, you are booking with the supplier direct.

By using these affiliate links, you can still receive personal attention from a CARE Travel designer should you wish, by requesting a professional to review your booking at a small cost, by sending us a email confirmation to review, or you can transfer over to one of our travel designers for more in dept assistance, contact us at  to request transfer within 7 business days of booking.